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Three Ways to Make Your Apartment More Homey

Apartment living room

In many cases, renting an apartment is becoming increasingly common, even taking the place of buying a home. Renting certainly has its advantages, but it can be difficult to make a temporary living space feel like home. Still, with the right home decor, you can make your apartment just as homey as a permanent house.

Interested in making your apartment more homey? Our team at ICO Station Parkway in Farmington has three decorating tips to help you transform your apartment into a home.

Employ Room Dividers

While open floor plans are all the rage, some individuals find that too much open space feels empty, lonely, or boring. Consider using room dividers to section large rooms into smaller spaces. This not only adds a splash of color but also gives the room a cozier feel. For those of you working remotely, this decorating tip also allows you to separate your office space from your general purpose, living room, or kitchen space. This ensures a clear separation of work and play and the creation of a more suitable work environment.

Decorate with Pillows and Blankets

Nothing says “cozy” like a warm, fuzzy blanket or a squishy pillow. Decorating with pillows and blankets can make seating areas much more inviting, not to mention they are a simple and inexpensive way to add more color, texture, and style to your apartment. With the addition of some decorative pillows and blankets, your apartment will both look and feel better.

Bring in Layered Rugs

Same as the above mentions, rugs add color and texture to your apartment, allowing you endless freedom and creativity in customizing your space. Consider what kind of look you are going for: modern, trendy, bright, or neutral are just some of the many themes from which you could choose. As a fun decorating tip, consider layering rugs, stacking smaller rugs on larger rugs, or having large rugs overlap. Layered rugs add dimension, create a more cohesive space, and can bring a new sense of home to your apartment.

Interested in trying some of our decorating tips? There are plenty of home decor shops near ICO Station Parkway in Farmington. Some popular, nearby furniture and decor stores include RC Willey, Ikea, La-Z-Boy, Ashley HomeStore, and Furniture Row. If your new apartment doesn’t quite feel homey, head to these stores and add some life and love to your place.